What is honor? Where has it departed in our every day society? Why do we not cognise such words any longer in our newsworthy western society?

Honor as explained from wikipedia is "Accordingly, individuals are assigned deserving and regard based on a compatibility concerning their own code of laurels and that of the society at large"


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"honour (or honour) comprises the reputation, self-perception or motive personality of an several or of a group".

Or as explicit in the vocabulary...

"honesty, fairness, or state in one's thinking and actions" and "to attest a courteous regard for"

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So why do we cognise have no honor? Did man ever have it to switch on with?

People speak up to me of religion, we exterminate in the cross of religion! No, they put to death in the cross of what is shorthand on a slab of broadsheet in a wording and how that characters is understood. So you exterminate supported on a distinct page of dedication... a few libretto all over a human life.

And next you have the homicidal impudence to detail me you are accurately and true... human being completed a few oral communication and language that you can not even turn up are true!

You ending someone's wife, son, husband, parent, high regard. You snuff there enthusiasm out in an direct and all based on a few improvable lines. You have no honor, you have no dignity, you have no respect for your human brothers, your morality have been swept parenthesis by your yearning to be good and within your rights... within is nil holistic in the region of your absorbed.

Because if there was, you would movement much truth, more answers. You would outer shell into all of the religions of the worldwide and see what they have to say, you would search all new faiths and non faiths.

And right as an example, earlier period repeats itself once over again. The Israeli's fencing the Palestine's in meet as they erstwhile were them selves fenced in. They them themselves have go the enemies, doing merely the same as Hitler did sometime rear legs later... the solitary gap this time is that such as human action is not individual one approved buy the US but in fact subsidized beside monetary resource.

So have I tenderloin tracked? Were we feat back to honor?

Well, no to find in any hesperian terrain any really!

Is it newly my imagination, but once mortal ever pledged a butchery you but hunted thrown the character that did it until you got them?

Well isn't it surprising that... ahhh, what's his nickname that sworn the 911 attack but we have all but disregarded more or less him! Haven't we?

Regime exchange... that's why the US has gone into Iraq. Because Sadem was specified a bad guy how could the US believably let him rule?

Well, how going on for ! We are talking intact genocide present but wherever are the US ethical motive now!!!

The reality is (and for those Americans who want to embark on their thought as the respite of the planetary give the impression of being to cognize the legality), 911 which was planned by the US affairs of state was implemented for the defined objective of incursive Iraq.

If the US elected representatives was so fussed around killers in power, Darfur and Sudan would have been firstborn on their list!

So I could go on more or less the dirty Bush polity as it boils my humour.

What I'm here to component out is award and perhaps I'm not doing a grave job.

But for too protracted have we disregarded the designation of this idiom. For me the description only manner this...

"To contribute thing up rightly in any specified trice once you know that is the authority entry to do."

And to say that we don't grain this is crap! We cognize even beforehand we do any responsibility or one entry if it feels appropriate or not.

So now that I have said my peace, it is up to you.

Are you abidance your family, friends, this world, the government, your theology... and more than importantly the animals and the global itself that you be on?

The lone way we can now shuffle transmit is to honour all that is without thought from books or greed, solitary what we cognise to be faithful in our short whist and souls but not often help yourself to concentration of.

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