If you haven't detected of Charles Heflin's SEO202.com, later your psyche will probably fry from all the gossip on generating assemblage.

But a new allowed anecdote shows a strategy that combines Pay-Per-Click and SEO mutually to vanquish separate websites enemy for the top rankings in Google's flush motor results.

And it's no wits medical science.

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In his purge gossip "The Plan", Charles Heflin gives a step-by-step guide to his "PPC/SEO Success Formula" that will let you to predominate the survey engines.

Here's a piecemeal fracture downward of the strategy:

1.Create a landing folio that is central on the broadest keyword that is correlate to your business. For example, you may selection the keyword "MLM". You'll also poorness to embrace synonymous keywords on that leaf ("business opportunity", "network marketing", etc.).

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2.Set up chase for your webpage. You can use Google Analytics, and "conversion tracking" on your Google AdWords testimony.

3.Set up a intervening AdWords struggle on Google, and bid on the countywide keyword that you picked overlapping to your business organization webpage. Place the knit to your webpage on your ad.

4.Run the pay-per-click movement on AdWords for at smallest possible 24 hours, or until you have adequate traffic to know correctly which limited keywords create the most aggregation.

5. Evaluate your "effective PPC keywords". After running your open cause for at least 24 hours, you'll get a solid mental object of which keywords populace nearly new to arrive at your land site and opt-in.

If you've set up your transition trailing correctly (step 2), consequently you'll cognise scientifically which keywords profession most advantageous.

6.Start categorizing your "effective PPC keywords" into their own silos on your website.

For example, you may brainstorm that "MLM Opportunity" is a keyword that's generating collection and leads for you. You'll past want to devise a tower structured website, in which one of your "silos" is centered on the keyword "MLM Opportunity".

You can then construct much ad groups on your AdWords movement using these strong keywords to find longest tailed keywords that produce results. You'll get an perception of how to banner your silos, so family searching on Google will like a shot discovery your website.

The mental object is to set up a Silo structured website, which Google positively loves and will repute in flood on the hunt index. A in good health tower structured website is effortless to create, and will make you top floater on search out engines all event.

Charles Heflin refers to important keywords as your "money keywords". Using these keywords in your silos will send out opt-ins, leads, and more fortune for you.

It's a wild scheme for emancipated leads in a extremely ruthless marketplace. You can cram more than around it in detail done Heflin's website. (He's now message a homework class for FREE).


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